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Random Questions

Do you have one?

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Random Questions!
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Ask us random questions
It is what it says it is, a community for random questions. From the rhetorical to the curious, the stupid to the riddles, they go here.

Since spambots are running rampant, membership is moderated, but anyone is allowed in.

- Questions only. Anything else will be deleted
- Once you post something, it's there. Deleting comments and posts is weak and will not be tolerated.


- You break TOS -immediate with no explaination/warning.
- You consistently post things that are NOT questions. If you're that stupid, you deserve it. I'll let you know once, if you do it again, you're fucking retarded and off you go.
- You delete posts or comments. No Tolerance.

There is no general rule for conduct here. I will say this... I catch anyone, or it is reported to me that someone is targeting a specific user only for the sole purpose for harassment, and I see that's what you are doing, your card will be pulled. That shit's weak.

What to do if someone says something you don't like:
- Nut up and get over it.
- Shoot back and start a 50 comment thread that makes it to stupid_free or sf_drama I'll enjoy reading it. TRUST.
- Flounce post and leave. It may not be a question, but I leave those up.
- Do not respond

What not to do when someone responds with something you don't like here:
- cry to me. You're an adult, handle your shit.

Other than that, ask some fucking questions.

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Questions, comments, bullshit? Your maintainer is mwissa There shouldn't be much, since this is brand new, but you never know.

Social capital

  • less than 10