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lanaura wrote in randomquestions
Got this idea from the movie "Box" that was in a DVD preview.

If you were given an option to press a button that would kill another person somewhere in the world, one that you didn't know, and recieve four million dollars for it with no strings attached would you do it? No jail, no police, and no media attention.

And yeah. I know I raised up the price for anyone that's actually watched the film.

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No. I'm many questionable things, but I'm not a totally unempathic sociopath.

are you afraid of karma or god or something?

No, I'm afraid of my own guilt at killing someone for money. Yes, I could buy a truly vast amount of Lego, video games, junk food and other fun stuff with $4,000,000, but just because I could, would I have the right to do so? For all I know, by pressing the button and becoming an instant millionaire, I could've deprived the world of the future of the next Mozart or Terry Pratchett or Einstein or something. Granted, I might also be thwarting the next Hitler, but frankly that's not a gamble I'd want to take.

How shitty would you feel if after refusing to press the button, the person was like "Nobody would have died if you pressed it and you still would have gotten 4 mil"?

My disappointment at not being a millionaire would be tempered by the knowledge that I'm definitely not a murderer. Besides, money is temporary. Death isn't.

cash rules everything around meeeeeeeeeeeeee

No, that would be the laws of physics.

no physics. only khlav kalash

How would I spend the money?

I couldn't live with it and nothing I spent it on would bring that person back.

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